domingo, 14 de novembro de 2010

Fifa Manager 11: Update 1

Foi lançado um update para corrigir alguns erros e melhorias na base de dados, para efectuarem o download clickem aqui:

Lista de Mudanças:

-    Some crashes fixed in the following game areas: Merchandising, Tactics, Player Swap, National Team, Matchday and Week Progress
-    Several Live Season issues resolved - e.g.  reserve team results, correct matchday at game start, badges are displayed in the week progress
-    Loading time of save games reduced
-    3D – player speed adjusted
-    3D – Number of heading goals reduced
-    Routes are not set back after changes in the line-up
-    Problem resolved when a manager was banned from the touchline in text mode
-    Unintentional substitutions of the assistant in text mode matches resolved
-    Match minute is displayed in Instant Calculation
-    Liverpool is qualified for the European cup at game start
-    The number of goals and assists are indicated in the Post Match screen
-    Easier to sell reserve team players and bench players
-    Additional budget after exceeding the objectives of the international cup competition
-    Problems with bans for international competitions resolved
-    Attendance calculation for the promoted and relegated teams adjusted
-    Several problems with overlapping player’s names and sponsors on the kits are resolved (e.g. Brescia, Cologne, Hoffenheim, etc.)
-    Small issues in the cooperation contracts resolved
-    Possible to nominate subsequently players for league matches in Spain
-    Sponsor mood increases after exceeding the season objectives
-    Several website errors resolved
-    Transfers: several incorrect evaluations resolved
-    The probability for a private sponsor contract offer reduced
-    Morale system adjusted to the difficulty level
-    The group winners in the champions cup play the second leg match at home
-    Youth team player stats are saved after a played match for the first team
-    Several clipping errors and overlapping text issues in French and Spanish resolved
-    Updated database
-    Online / several crashes, Action Items issues and Youth Draft problems resolved
-    Board blocks transfers that exceed the budget for next year
-    The overall number of transfer newspapers is reduced
-    3D – Change hotkeys
-    Line-up – Custom formations are listed on top
-    New free staff members for England
-    New player pictures
-    Additional website news
-    Adjustment of the parameter files (player development, match calculation, sponsors, market values, salaries and budgets)

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